Another Fictitious Love Song

by Maya Dorn

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Recorded Live at the Hotel Utah by Stephen Erhet


released October 1, 2008

Maya Dorn-vocals, guitar
David Sartore-drums
Felix Bannon-bass


tags: rock Oakland


all rights reserved


Maya Dorn Oakland, California

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Track Name: Les Jeux d'Espoir
All you have is now
what you don't hold up falls down
There's nothing in you way
It's just a game to play

He acts as if he's mad
but it's painted over sad
And the tears they won't come
for you or anyone

At first you wanted love
next you asked for sweat
then you needed blood
then you took the death

So easy to lie
fingers crossed and grin wide
You hoped for the best
but you knew what was next

All you have is now
the secrets are all out
what you held in your mind
Grew to make you blind

He acts as if he's dead
but he's waiting for is lead
to turn to gold
or a women he can hold

O to let him go
cut the cord stop the show
He's drifting away
and you can't make him stay
Track Name: Love Song
This is the way he walks
These are the shoes he wears
And the subtle expression
as he runs his fingers through his hair
We're in love, we're in love, we're in love

This is his appetite
and these are the books he reads
the tone of his voice
and the poetry he speaks
We're in love, we're in love, we're in love

We're in love We're in love We're in love...

We come together and the panoramic view
turns us inside out and then pulls us through
I see my reflection in the windows of his eyes
He gives new life
to every part of me that has died

We're in love....
Track Name: Jaguar
Your mind a book full of stories
Your eyes look but you can't afford me

You have a long way to go

We'll meet down at our favourite restaurant
Where we will order what we think we want
The waitress comes she smiles she knows

You want to be my lover I want to be your friend
It's the same old story again and again

You have a long way to go

You want to be my lover I want to be your friend
It's the same old story again and again
Track Name: Clean
I pressed my finger onto
the lower vein of the subway map
and declared I will live there, fancy that
Then the bottom blew out and just a cavity remains
with the false pride of a football game
I'm one step up with five more to go
To the top of the city where the virgin forest grows
I have seen the stars fall right from the sky...

If I'm wrong, please help me along
Sing me the song that leads me to you
And know that I will show you everything
That I could possibly dream of
I've walked this earth, I've gathered dirt
And now I'm soiled and worn
I will pour myself in, put all my quarters in
and spin until I'm clean

Underneath the skin we move underground
I need oxygen so I float uptown
to the center, the lungs, the heart
The beating of the drums in central park
I take this pulse as my own
I am connected to my broken home


The sun goes down and I go to
The edge of the city to greet the moon
The cross the bridge, stop in the middle, drop five pennies a wish an a little
Prayer for everyone
Sleeping in their beds
This world is so messed up
We need all the love we can get
Track Name: On My Way
I'm all alone, by the phone
I need some place I can go
Outside on the street
it's much too busy
go to the roof then to another
climb up higher and higher
I'm ready to jump and catch a ride
on the wind as it comes in

I'm on my way...

I rise above the neighborhood
That I love, above the towers
Above the flowers in the park
Above the people making their mark
Above the flashing of the lights
Above the sirens and all the sight seeing sights
I'm free and I fly away
I follow the sun each and every day

I'm on my way...
Track Name: The City
Let's go to the city
where all the strangers meet
We'll execute decisions
and we'll think on our feet

And we won't get caught
when the music stops
If there's no seat for us
We'll sing our way up

We are right on time

Let's go to the city
Every one of us
We'll be reflections
factual and fictional

And when the lights goes out
and no more water flows
And when the sirens shout
We'll know where to go

We are right on time

Let's go to the city
We'll feel the earth below
if there's no seat for us
then we'll go
Track Name: New York For Now
If you follow me and I don't have a plan
Tell me it will be alright as long as we hold hands
New York for now

It's been three years since I hit this town
I've seen the scene I've done the dues
I've gotten up when I've fallen down
New York for now

The subway is a hot and stuffy mobile home
full of busy strangers with plans of their own
The beggars, the preachers, the business men,
the hormone buzzing teens
we all live together in one happy family
for now

When I hear your call
I know I am in the right place after all

So many empty hands so many that are full
Some push it all away and never think to pull
Each one wants a stab, to see if they can kill
The childhood dream that haunts them still
New York for now

When you hear my call
You'll know you are in the right place after all